What EVS Delivers


Via our digital marketing network effort, your brand will be promoted to a segment of the general population that is passionate about clean energy. The early adopters of electric cars are in this demographic.  Contact us to learn a lot more about our branding campaigns.


The safety-first high performance driving experience in the form of your-brand  custom Products and Services  is made available  for your marketing planning and use.


We offer assorted, your-brand specialty Teslas for your promotional and marketing purposes.  Contact us to learn details of our exciting customized company-car offerings.


EVS Services are principally delivered as EVS-produced Events.  Of course, all of our Events are rooted in the realm of clean energy sustainability initiatives, and their association with your company’s brand.

Here are just a few examples of how EVS Network events can take shape:

  • In-person encounters with EVS01, our Tesla Model 3 Performance with Track Pack, and the EVS02, our Tesla Model S Plaid with Track Pack. Both EVs are Tesla factory cars that remain completely street legal, both ready to set more records at race tracks of your choice on your company’s schedule.
  • A competitive “time-attack” on a track of your choice between a noisy ICE race car and an almost silent EVS showroom stock car, witnessed live by company stakeholders. Which car will be quicker? (Cars in time-attacks are alone circling the track. There is no racing involved with these activities.)
  • Entertaining presentations (may include videos) from our professional drivers at company meetings, banquets, or celebrations.
  • Professional instruction and chances to drive high performance cars on race tracks for stakeholders.
  • Your company is the winner at the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb in June of 2023 using an EV fully modified (very different car than highlighted above) for the task.

EVS Network’s Products and Services create exclusive opportunities for your company to:

  • Produce unique social media video, images, and other content, with built-in interest and traction.
  • Associate your brand with clean energy in a way that is uncommon and expand brand association.
  • Build relationships with sustainability-minded clients, investors, colleagues, and other business stake-holders.
  • Tap into the marketing potential of electric car drivers and owners who are significantly predisposed to prefer clean energy and companies that prioritize it.
  • Help you position your company brand as a leader in this time window of rapid transition to energy sustainability.

EVS Network offers our turnkey ability to set internationally-posted track records, deliver company-cars with outstanding looks and extraordinary capabilities, and produce related, customized, exciting events.  And with our social media digital marketing strategy now in place, all related content will be widely posted in our targeted, sophisticated, campaigns that will emphasize your brand.

Add EVS as a branding-critical resource embedded your marketing plan updates and expand the success of your company’s strategic initiatives.

Let’s collaborate!  Contact us today at 1 (805) 619-0619 or info@evs.network.