Unplugged’s Plaid ‘Dark Helmet’ Tackles Pikes Peak 2022

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Want to see a Tesla in action on one of the world’s greatest speed challenges? Take a look at
this drive recap from Unplugged Performance of their bid for the top of Pikes Peak in a modified
Plaid they named ‘Dark Helmet’.

Driver Randy Pobst grapples with a wet track, foggy conditions, and an equally fogged-up
windshield that ultimately caused him to finish the race totally blind, with a total time of 4.22.73
–19th out of 72 contestants.

While it does have modifications that assist it as a racecar–Skyhook dampers, adjustable
camber arms, gutted interior, full cage, racing tires and wheel set, special cooling, and other
trackworthy mods–it has no added horsepower. Its power is reported to be the same as that of a
Plaid right off the factory floor, and yet it can more than keep up with the boosted ICE racecars
at Pikes Peak–windshield fog notwithstanding. In that specific way, the Dark Helmet share’s
importantly with EVS’s stock Model 3 with Performance Track Pack, EVS01.

The EVS01 is outfitted with a Tesla Model 3 Track Pack that makes it faster, safer, and more
maneuverable on racecourses, but it’s a stock car with Tesla-stock horsepower (higher option
with the Tesla Track Pack) –that has still set eleven records of its own with Driver Will

Note: The EVS01’s half cage and harnesses are not stock, but add weight to comply with track
safety requirements for special track access.


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