EV West Drops New Tesla-Based Conversion Kit

by | Oct 7, 2022 | High Performance | 0 comments

Want to turn your classic car into an EV? Good news–there’s now an improved Tesla crate motor kit for V8-to-EV conversions, new on the market from EV West.

There are already Tesla-based conversion kits out there, but EV West’s simplifies the install considerably. In a Facebook post announcing the new kit, EV West said, “Our new Revolt Tesla crate motor mounts to your small block motor mounts and attaches directly to your driveshaft, allowing you to use your existing rear axle.” The kit starts at $30,000.

ICE to EV conversions can be expensive, exceeding $50,000 after parts, personnel, and time are added up–more than a brand-new EV. But they’re still popular at all levels of the market, from everyday SUVs to classic muscle cars or vintage vehicles. And no wonder–sometimes, when you love a car, you want to bring it into the future with you.


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