Introducing EVS Network LLC

:   EnergyVision Speed. EnergyVision is our tag for the sustainability goal.    Speed is our discriminator.

Our company is a force whose mission is accelerating energy sustainability.

We operate business to business offering marketing-related products and services to energy companies that have clean energy initiatives.

Our organization’s vision is to:

  • Cast any given energy brand as a leader in the present environment of rapid transition to energy sustainability, and
  • Add turn-key and highly unique excitement into the company’s strategic execution toolbox.


  • What does high performance driving have to do with clean energy?
  • How can these seemingly disparate entities help your company execute a marketing strategy to accelerate energy sustainability?

Firstly, electric vehicles (EVs) are fast –as fast as or faster than vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICEs). Our first EV car has already set world-published track records that in many cases exceed those set by ICE vehicles.

Secondly, interest in high performance of vehicles is widespread. Sports that revolve around performance driving are very popular–NASCAR is the biggest sport in America–and related corners of the internet light up in reaction to vehicle-and-driver records and wins. The general public pays attention to the high performance of cars.

EVS Network leverages both the inherent high performance of EVs and the public interest in fast cars to offer an array of related marketing elements. Your company now has the ability to expand its tactics used in strategic initiatives to include exciting new marketing tools. These products and services promise to grab the attention of your targeted markets and increase buy-in for your company’s offered clean energy value. Our goal is to accelerate the connection of your brand to clean energy leadership in the public eye.