New EV Ram Truck Aims to “Steal Some Thunder” From The Ford F-150 Lightning

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Clean Energy | 0 comments

The market for EV pickups grows ever larger, as Ram announced on its Twitter that its first all-electric pickup truck will arrive in Fall of 2022:

Ram didn’t release any specs with this post, but the tweet clearly alludes to the Ford F-150 Lightning, which began sales earlier this year. Other companies with a slice of the EV-pickup pie include Rivian with the currently available Rivian R1T, while General Motors and Tesla both have plans to launch their versions sometime next year.

Pickup trucks are one of the best-selling sectors of the post-pandemic U.S. auto market because of their style, comfort, power, and versatility. You can drive them to work or tow a boat or RV, and get places that other styles of car just can’t go.

They also tend to have poorer gas mileage than other models of cars due to their weight, so they’re a natural target for sustainability efforts. And with gas prices surging thanks to international instability, the introduction of electric pickups has never been timelier.


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