Small But Mighty: Lucid’s Mini Motor Challenges Tesla

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Lucid Motors provides a deep dive into the physics of permanent-magnet synchronous motors, as well as presents a subtle challenge to other EV manufacturers in its recent September tech talk. It showcased the impressive power capabilities and innovative engineering of its Lucid Air motor, all contained in a 67 pound package that generates an incredibly energy-dense 670 hp EV motor. It’s basically the size of an airplane carry-on.

Green Car Reports also notes that Lucid’s powertrain–silicon carbide inverter, reduction gearset, and differential–weigh about 163 pounds altogether.

In the September tech talk, CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson and Powertrain VP Emad Dlala talk about the innovations that make that tiny yet mighty engine a possibility, as well the priorities that motivated the motor’s design–power and efficiency, thermal management, and ease of manufacture.

The tech talk is more than an hour long, but it’s an hour well-spent learning about EV motors at large and Lucid’s motors more specifically–especially how they challenge their big competitors. These slides give visual representation of just how much more power dense the Lucid Air is compared to motors from Tesla and Porchse:

lucid motor weight compared

lucid power and motor weight compared

We found listening to Rawlinson’s and Dlala’s breakdown of both the physics and the thought process of the design team to be both interesting and inspiring: Lucid has found scalable solutions to many obstacles in EV engine production, including materials, manufacturing processes, and cooling, and has also produced a motor that weighs in at about 11% of the overall battery-pack mass.

This talk and article support the notion previously floated by Green Car Reports that Lucid is Tesla’s one true rival in the EV scene, as both tend to let the technology lead and inform the scope of its products.

We love healthy competition, and we also love getting a look inside the minds of those whose design chops and outside-the-box thinking drive innovation in this industry.

To watch Rawlinson and Dlala yourself, check out their presentation here. You can also watch other talks on their battery pack, charging hardware, and more. And let us know what you think!


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