Are Tesla SuperChargers Finally Opening Up for All?

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Clean Energy | 0 comments

New documents from the White House and reporting from Tesmanian indicate that Tesla SuperChargers will soon be open to all makes and models of EVs in the US.

This new openness is occurring in conjunction with an expansion of Tesla’s SuperCharger network, as the company has recently invested in its Buffalo, NY Gigafactory with the stated intent of producing more SuperChargers and initiating production of the adaptive hardware that will make it possible for the chargers to be used by non-Tesla EVs.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s SuperCharger network in Europe continues to find success, and the company probably plans to use some of the output from the Buffalo Gigafactory to expand its reach throughout that continent as well. The adaptive hardware, however, will not be necessary, since all electric vehicles in the EU are required to have a standard charging interface instead of proprietary by maker.

For EVS this is an exciting step forward. We’ve written before about how the limits of the charging network in turn limit the widespread adoption of electric vehicles by the average consumer. By making high-speed charging more accessible, Tesla continues to be a major driver behind EV utility, expansion, and popularity in the U.S.


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